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Explore   Our Trainings offers real-time bug bounty training for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Our platform provides two courses: Advanced Bug Hunting and Beginners Bug Hunting on real websites. Gain practical skills and experience in identifying vulnerabilities through hands-on exercises and engagement with live targets. Join us to unlock the world of bug hunting and make a positive impact on online security.


Advance Bug Bounty Training

Top Vulenrabilities

In our Advanced Bug Bounty Training, you'll master essential techniques and skills to excel in the world of cybersecurity. Explore topics like Target Approaching, Code Analysis, Information Disclosure, Dork Creation, SSRF, Broken Access Control, Report Writing, MFA Bypasses, P1 Severity Surprise Bugs, API Key Exploits, and more. Get hands-on experience and in-depth guidance to uncover vulnerabilities and write impactful reports. Elevate your bug hunting game and make a real difference in online security.


Bug Bounty Beginners


🔒 Level up your cybersecurity skills with our bug bounty training! 🎯 Join our program and embark on an exciting journey to discover and report vulnerabilities on real-time live websites like Bugcrowd, HackerOne, and VDP. Gain hands-on experience in identifying and exploiting security weaknesses while receiving expert guidance from experienced professionals. Whether you're a beginner or looking to sharpen your hacking skills, our bug bounty training will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the world of cybersecurity. Start today and turn your passion for ethical hacking into a rewarding career! 💪


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